Hi! I’m Elvira and…

I’m weird (se pronuncia /güied/)

Yes… raruna. Como en la canción de Radiohead. A weirdo ( /güiedo/ -un bicho raro).

I’m watching this series… Station Eleven… it is sooo strange.

It’s about how a flu pandemic wipes out 80% of the world’s population in a month and what happens after that. Very, very peculiar indeed (sin duda).

I understand this type of dystopian plot is not to everyone’s liking (no es del gusto de todo el mundo), particularly given the current health crisis (dada la crisis sanitaria actual).

Weird. Yes. That’s me.

For* I also enjoy watching ‘normal’ Youtube videos about education, leadership and emotional intelligence, and Tasty cooking videos on Instagram…

…but then, I find myself hypnotized swiping up and down for IG reels and Youtube shorts about film and music stars I don’t really care about.

* En la frase de arriba que empieza con FOR, ese FOR se traduce por ‘porque’. Esa acepción de FOR es común en textos muy formales, literarios o incluso bíblicos.¿Te suena esto?“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

And I have a confession to make:

Contrary to what you may think, I don’t just watch historical films about kings and queens…

…very often, I watch romantic comedies that I don’t tell you about because those films are so silly that I’m ashamed to admit to it (yes: admit TO something).

But I digress (me estoy yendo del tema):

I’m here today to ask you something.

And what I have to ask is:

WOULD YOU LIKE TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH with music, books, series, films and things you can relate to (cosas con las que te puedes identificar)?

Si has aprendido algo con este texto, recibe más mails como estos en tu correo desde ya apúntandote a mi lista NOW:

Do you have an all-time favourite song?

…or do you change every month, like I do?

I’d love to know, so you can write and tell me.

The thing is I’ve had a crush on this song I’m going to tell you about today (he tenido un flechazo -crush- que no crash -choque. Clic HERE to listen to the difference in PRONOUNCIATION).

So as I was saying: the song is simply beautiful. And since I like to share beauty, I wanted to share it with you.

The song is actually a cover (not the original) but in my humble opinion, this version is clearly superior to Ariana Grande’s version, who is the songwriter.

You may agree. You may not.

I’ll get you the link to the song soon, but first, let’s look at the sentence that gives title to the song: “When all IS said and done, you’ll believe God is a Woman”

Ok. look at that ‘IS’: present simple tense.

In Spanish we’d say “cuando todo esté dicho y hecho, creerás que Dios es una mujer”.

But “esté” is not a present tense (in Spanish it is a SUBJUNTIVO, which does NOT EXIST as such -como tal- in English).

SO, why do we use ‘IS’ here?

If you are not sure, here’s the rule:

LINK to future tense clauses VIDEO.

So, will you write to me to recommend your (all-time or current -actual, de ahora-) favourite song? I hope you will.

And, now, enjoy the beauty… (link to Dodie with Julia Nunes and Orla Graland’s version of God is A Woman)

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​Otra cosa: tengo un EBOOK.

Sí. Un EBOOK. De cosas que ya sabes hacer en inglés y cómo puedes cambiar por OTRAS COSAS de más nivel.

TAmbién incluyo palabras que puedes usar para empezar a tender un inglés de PRO.

La gente que se lo ha descargado me ha dicho cosas como esta:

“Ese PDF es una mina” o “¡Guau! Está genial”.

Pero no have falta que te lo creas porque yo te lo digo.

Descárgatelo y lo compruebas for yourself.