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¿Indoor o indoorS? ¿Outdoor o outdoorS?

No: no te has vuelto majareta. Indoor o indoors. Las dos formas de esas palabras existen en inglés y hay una explicación para saber cuándo usar una u otra. Aquí te dejo el vídeo con la explicación. Debajo del vídeo encontrarás ejemplos de cómo utilizarlas en textos de niveles intermedios altos o avanzados y en tu examen:

INDOOR o INDOORS; OUTDOOR o OUTDOORS en tus textos de nivel avanzado

Y si quieres saber en qué contextos y con qué temas puedes utilizarlo en los WRITINGS de tus exámenes de inglés aquí tienes algunos ejemplos ejemplos:

ESSAY: Should students have a long summer holiday or should terms be longer?

«… One reason why a long summer holiday is recommendedt for students is because the summer weather allows to practice many outdoor activities that winter weather often prevents.»

En general, todos los ensayos sobre SPORTS, HEALTHY LIFE, HOBBIES o incluso sobre ENVIRONMENT o EDUCATION, admiten que utilicemos la idea de ‘outdoor activities’ y las otras formas del vídeo.

COMPLAINT LETTER: You are a memeber of a sports club. They have recently written a letter anouncing that they will raise the monthly fee from 20 to 45 euros. They are not offering any improvements in the service in exchange, neither are they explaining why the fee is being increased. Write a letter and tell them your opinion.

«I would like to express my opinion concerning the increase in the monthly fee for premium members. I must say that I am deeply troubled with this rise, because I have found that the quality of the club’s services has descreased over the past years. Only to mention a few of the problems, the floors of all the outdoors sports courts are seriously damaged, which makes it hard to practice sports there.

REVIEW: The best advice I’ve ever had

«… During my university years I used to feel stressed and overwhelmed quite often because of the pressure of tests and the demanding assignments. (…). My best friend at the time told me that spending time outdoors daily, for instance going for walks or practicing outdoor sports, could help me calm down and feel more relaxed. «

También podrás utilizar indoor/outdoor – indoors/outdoors para hablar de experiencias personales en artículos y reseñas (articles and reviews). También lo puedes utilizar en cartas de presentación (cover letter).

INFORMAL LETTER: A British friend is visiting next summer and wants advice on things to do in your city.

«… One of the good things about spending summer in my city is that the city council organises a wide variety of outdoor concerts of different music styles. «

Puedes utilizar outdoor + cualquier actividad que suele hacerse en interiores para indicar que se hace al aire libre (normalmente en verano): outdoor concerts, outdoor meetings, outdoor markets…

REPORT: Your manager has asked you to carry out a survey among your workmates and to write a report on your workplace facilities.

«… In general, most employees really appreciante the fact that the office is situated near a park, which allows them to spend some time outdoors during lunch breaks.»

En informes (reports) que piden hablar de las instalaciones (facilities) en escuelas, centros de trabajo, eventos… utilizar las ideas ‘indoors/outdoors’ es siempre un buen recurso para mencionar dónde se hacen ciertas actividades.

Can you use INDOOR / INDOORS y OUTDOOR/OUTDOORS in sentences now? Write them in the comments!

Y como siempre, para que el SEO Yoast me ponga el artículo en verde, dos recomendaciones de artículos y vídeos que te irán muy bien: expresar CAUSA usando VERBOS AVANZADOS y ¿’There is/ there are’ son inglés avanzado?.



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